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  • We can change the world

    We can change the world

    We coexist with nature and seek
    a mutual growth with people.

  • Conference.

    The more value,


    The better solution,


    Most realistic,

  • We can change the world

    We are thinking about various problems caused by rapid
    urbanization and megalopolitan are looking a reasonable solution for them.

    - Traffic Impact Assessment for the Construction of Complex Facilities in Special Plan Area of Hyundai Motor Site -

  • We can change the world

    Humans are also a precious resource to keep because we are a part of nature.
    A basic design for the revival of rivers that can relate history and culture
    was envisaged in the Nakdong River in Gumi province.

    - Basic design of Nakdong River Revitalization Project -

  • We can change the world

    Design of a true engineer is to consider not only the bridges
    that connect the 3roads over the sea, but also the landscape that fits into the sunset.

    - Basic and Detailed Design of connecting bridge project between land and island in Boryung-Taean Road -

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