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We can change the world

We coexist with nature and seek a mutual growth with people.

Management Principle/Mission Statement/Company Logo

Where there is a need for technical information about the city and the environment,
Donghae Engineering & Consultants will always be there.

COMPANY Management Principle/Mission Statement/Company Logo

Management Principle


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    Thorough service spirit

    We will always do our best due toour thorough service mentality, such as strict time management, more aggressive attitude, and licensing related work without any failures.

  • 02

    Continuous R & D

    In recent years when traffic congestion and environmental destruction are increasing due to the rapid urbanization and high density of land use, we have always strived to develop new and innovative technologies without staying in the current shape or technology.

  • 03

    Social Contribution and Public Interests

    We think of employee welfare and society return first rather than company's own profit and think about the public benefit of mankind together.

  • 04

    Quality Improvement

    We will always try to produce the best service results according to thorough site investigations, field-oriented planning and design, making of conclusion by more reasonable method, and applying of the latest technology avoiding production by armchair arguments.

Mission Statement

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    to practice

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    Unity and
    harmony with
    one mind

Our management philosophy is to do our best with service spirit and strive for quality improvement. We are constantly pursuing research and development on new technology, devoting ourselves one step into the shape of a company that thinks first of society return and public benefit through sincerity and highest quality. Our core values for embodying our management philosophy are thorough time management based on an active service mentality for each project, autonomous willingness to practice, and unity and harmony with all employees even when there is a good or hard work.

Company Logo

C4 / M96 / Y100 / K1

The company name reflects the company founder's philosophy of "Let's spread our vision and dreams at will" like the sun rising in the East Sea. It also means an aggregation of qualified engineers as if we were building up a tower one by one. 
The company logo symbolizes the sunrise. It shows our commitment that we will try our best to develop new and innovative technologies with the challenge spirit of "We can renew and revitalize the existing city with the best design by the best engineers" under the slogan of "We can change the world".