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Facility Safety Diagnosis

Facility Safety Diagnosis Department

BUSINESS Facility Safety Diagnosis

“For Safer Tomorrow’s Life”

Safety diagnosis is to prevent accidents and disasters and improve the utility of civil facilities through safety inspection and proper maintenance of facilities to secure public safety and contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the people. We strive to provide the best service to our clients with our qualified engineers and technicians as well as many experiences.


Safety diagnosis

  • · Bridges and tunnels
    · Irrigation Facilities
    · Performance evaluation
    · Precision safety inspection
    · Periodic inspection
    · Initial inspection
    · Defect inspection


Safety diagnosis for bridges and tunnels

  • Client

    Korea expressway corporation, Korea

  • Period

    2018.06. ~ 2019.02.

  • Scope

    Precision Safety Diagnosis of Type 1 Bridges and bridge Performance evaluation type 2

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Precision safety diagnosis service at Yongmi bridge and 3 places
    - Yeonsu- Songdo Cheonggak tunnel defect inspection(2014)

Safety diagnosis for irrigation facilities Precision

  • Client

    Yongsan-gu, seoul city, Korea

  • Period

    2016.04. ~ 2016.12.

  • Scope

    Precision safety diagnosis of 1 type of rainwater pumping station

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  • Similar project performance

    - Detailed inspection and design of digestion tank (junglang Water Recovery Center)
    - Ssangmun1 Pneumatic Precise inspection service at 4 places (Seoul office in northern part)
    - ‘2015 AsanBaebang District Regular inspection service of facilities (Land and Housing Corporation)