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We can change the world

We coexist with nature and seek a mutual growth with people.

License Information

We coexist with nature and seek
a mutual growth with people.

COMPANY License Information
  • Comprehensive Supervision

  • Institution Specializing
    in Underground Safety
    Impact Assessment

  • Certification of International

  • Underground water purifying

  • Design for Electricity Power

  • General Road Traffic
    Safety Inspection

  • Registration as Professional
    Company of Industrial Design

  • Groundwater impact assessment
    registration authority

  • ISO9001
    (English version)

  • ISO14001
    (English version)

  • ISO14001
    (Korean Versioan)

  • Participation of
    Work & Life Balance

  • Certificate of exemplary taxpayer

  • Registration as Inno-Biz

  • Software Business Registration

  • Report part of the principal
    architectural engineering activities

  • Agreement of Work-Learning
    dual system

  • Registration of
    Maintenance Business

  • Professional safety Inspection

  • Soil purifying

  • International Construction

  • Electrician Business

  • Information and
    Communication Works

  • Registration as
    Civil Engineering

  • Certificate of Software

  • Certificate of Geological
    and prospecting services

  • Certificate of Cartography

  • Registration as technical diagnostics
    professional agency(sewage pipe)

  • Registration as safety diagnostics
    professional agency(irrigation)

  • Public Survey

  • Registration as agency of
    traffic impact assessment

  • dddd

  • Registration Agency to establish
    disaster safety measures

  • Certificate of designation as
    Assessment of Soil Environment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    Agency Registration

  • Business License

  • Expert fire-fighting equipment design

  • Engineering Enterprise

  • Registration Certificate of
    Supervision Business