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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Design Department

BUSINESS Geotechnical Engineering

“With the Best Qualified Engineers and the Best Technology”

We investigate and analyze the geologic structure of soils and strata, the condition of groundwater, and the characteristics of soils and each stratum.
It provides the engineering information and materials necessary for the design and construction of various structures planned on the ground. We will investigate
and collect all the necessary information for the design of the geotechnical structures and provide the stability of the structure
to our customers by constantly researching and experimenting with perfect design and construction by interpreting with the advanced technique.


Geotechnical survey

  • · Drilling and geological survey
    · Test and analysis of soil

Design for underground

  • · Design for temporary underground roads and subways and ground reinforcement
    · Study on stability of adjacent buildings during the construction of temporary facility

Underground safety impact sssessment

  • · (Small scale) underground safety impact assessment
    · Survey on the effects of post-mortem safety
    · Ground subsidence risk assessment

Design Related to soil and groundwork

  • · Basic plan, basic design, detailed design
    · Design for earth retaining walls on underground excavation
    · Design for foundation of structure
    · Design for soft ground treatment and improvement
    · Design for stabilization of settlement and countermeasures

Review and design related to others


Technical Bidding Projects (Turn-key, Alternative proposal, Etc)

  • Client

    Korea expressway corporation
    Korea development corp.,Korea

  • Period

    2018.03. ~ 2019.01.

  • Scope

    - Length : L=5.38km, Interlock 1place
    - tunnel : L=3.58km / 1place,
    - Bridge : Main line 4 place, Interlock 8place

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Highway National Highway No.14 Yangyang-Changnyeong Construction (11th Section)
    - Busan Eco Delta City Phase 2, 3 Regional Construction
    - Highway National Highway No. 29 Sejong ~ Pocheon (Anseong ~ Guri) (10th Section)
    - Wonju-cheon Dam Construction
    - Busan Urban Railway Sasang-Hadan line Line Line 5 Construction

Public projects

  • Client

    Seoul metropolitan city, Korea

  • Period

    2015.09 ~ 2017.02.

  • Scope

    - Length : L=3.8km
    - Station 1 place, Vent 4 place

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Seoul underground safety management plan establishment service
    - Detailed design service of Gwangju-Wando highway construction (7th section)
    - 11 related to the transfer facilities of the Korea-US military bases

Private projects

  • Client

    Y22 project fnance investment Co., Ltd., Korea

  • Period

    2017.01. ~ 2018.12.

  • Scope

    - Length : L=230m
    - Width : B=16.0m
    - Drilling depth : H=14.69m

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Underground safety impact assessment services such as the construction of complex facilities in Gangnam-gu 14 cases
    - Design of private investment project of West Inland Expressway
    - Gyeongju Wind Power 2 Phase (Cheonghak) Power Generation Project