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Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrestructure Department

BUSINESS Civil Infrastructure

“Maximize the Stability of Structures by Applying Advanced Design Techniques”

We are constantly researching and experimenting on various structural phenomena and structural behaviors in order to secure safety
and practicality without any failures in civil structures projects that are getting bigger and bigger recently.
Based on our many experiences and our advanced technology accumulated in various projects,
we are always striving to build eco-friendly civil structures that are harmonious with nature.


Design bridges, underground structures, and other structures

  • · Proposal of design plan and design competition

Feasibility study and designing for structure

  • · Basic and detailed design
    · Alternative and turnkey design
    · Design for private investment projects
    · Basic and implementation proposed design

Structural safety diagnosis and maintenance

  • · Safety diagnosis and maintenance plan of structure
    · Carrying out load carrying capacity review, maintenance and reinforcement design, maintenance instructions

Review and design of various civil structures

  • · R&D and detailed design
    · Site design support and consultation
    · Design book review
    · Detailed construction drawing
    · Soundproof wall installation design service


Designs related to bridges, underground structures, and other structures (proposal for structure plan and design competition)

  • Client

    Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea

  • Period

    Aug. 2019. ~ Nov. 2020.

  • Contents

    - Pedestrian bridge: 110.5m (B=10.5)
     Bridge type: arch bridge
    - Pedestrian-vehicles bridge: 118.0m (B=32.0)
     Bridge type: steel composite girder bridge

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Construction development project of east district connecting road (pedestrian bridge) in Songsan green city
    - Report establishment service for Seoul transportation corporation's old-tier facilities evaluation
    - Basic and detailed design service for Anyangcheon crosswalk new construction

Basic and detailed design / Structure feasibility study

  • Client

    Metropolitan Area Outer Ring Expressway Co., Ltd., Korea

  • Period

    Jan. 2017. ~ Sep. 2018.

  • Scope

    - Length: 28.71km (4 lanes)
    - Access facilities: 5 ICs, 2 JCTs
    - Bridge: 36 places
    - Tunnel: 5 places

  • Image

  • Similar project performance

    - Basic and detailed design for maintenance and reinforcement of Jamsil underwater intermediary beam
    - Detailed design and performance improvement work for the replacement of the deck of the Gaebong railway elevated platform
    - Detailed design for Pocheon-Hwado expressway private investment project section 2
    - Development plan and design services of urban facilities (underground public information) in accordance with the Y22
    - Basic and detailed design of Seongsan bridge performance improvement work

Public and private projects (alternative and turn-key, proposed design, etc.)

  • Client

    Korea Water Resources Development Corporation, Korea

  • Period

    2011.06. ~ 2011.09.

  • Scope

    - 6 bridges: 210.0m (B=18.5)
     Bridge type: composite steel pipe truss bridge
    - SUN-A bridge: 92.0m (B=17.1)
     Bridge type: steel composite girder bridge

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  • Similar project performance

    - Construction for Section 1 (TURN KEY) of Hwatae-Baekya road in Yeosu, national route 77
    - Basic design (TURN KEY) for the construction of the Munsan-Dorasan expressway (Section 1)
    - Technical Proposal for Busan eco delta city phase 3, section 1
    - Detailed design for construction of line 1-117 of Sihwa MTV (technical proposal)